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Your agile
helicopter operator

Do you need to have a task carried out using a helicopter as a tool – offshore?

UNI-FLY is your safe, human, financially and environmentally responsible choice of business partner, which tailors solutions to your tasks.


Tell us what task you need to achieve, and we will find the way forward – together. Rather than tell you what we can do, we would much rather partner with you to achieve a safe, efficient, and compliant outcome to meet your needs. Once we have understood the task, based on our experience and professionalism we can precisely formulate the solution and compose the team that accommodates your needs and carries out the task optimally.

In other words: We think outside the box and always put ‘the human factor’ into play to find the totally correct solution for you. A solution that will often be anything other than a generic product.

Our finest task is to be involved in carrying out your task from start to finish, and it is crucial for us that you feel safe and secure throughout the entire process. During both the clarification stage and planning stage, as well as during execution. Depending on the type of task, we compose a team of key people who match your task optimally.

UNI-FLY was founded in 1970 by Bjarne Stuhr Petersen, who currently owns the company together with his son. Thus, for more than 50 years, customers throughout Europe have benefitted from UNI-FLY’s professionalism, and as the years have passed, time after time we have proven that we are experts in using a helicopter as a tool for our customers to carry out a wide range of tasks with and without precedents.

And we will continue to do so.

Always prioritising safety, the human touch, financial sense and environmental considerations.

UNI-FLY in numbers:

  • UNI-FLY was founded in 1970 and thus has carried out demanding offshore helicopter operations for more than 50 years.
  • UNI-FLY was the first company in the world to carry out offshore helicopter operations for wind turbines.
  • UNI-FLY has completed more than 50,000 offshore hoist operations, for example, for wind turbine manufacturers.
  • UNI-FLY has more than 50 years and 75,000 hours of experience
  • Currently, UNI-FLY employs more than 40 employees at H. C. Andersen Airport, Odense, Denmark, and at Humberside Airport, UK, respectively.
  • UNI-FLY operate a fleet of AW169 and EC120 helicopters.