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Values and DNA

The way we are, and how we do things

Our vision

UNI-FLY wants to be the preferred offshore and onshore helicopter operator based on safety, flexibility and agility. We want to spread the word and ensure that people know that helicopters are a safe, time-efficient and easily accessible tool.

Our mission

UNI-FLY’s mission is to carry out helicopter operations safely, professionally and in a well-documented manner. Through dialogues with our current and coming customers, we ensure that the individual helicopter operation carries out the required task in the most suitable manner – with a human touch, and in a financially and environmentally responsible way.

Our values

At UNI-FLY you naturally get in contact with our values, culture and DNA, which comprise the essence of who we are – and the way we do things. We are proud to live our values every single day:

Safety | All aspects of safety in connection with carrying out a task is always our highest priority. We brief everyone who is involved directly and indirectly about all aspects of safety. Safety is factual and can be measured.

Security | Security is the individual person’s experience of the situation he or she is in. We actively seek the individual person’s sense of security with regard to carrying out tasks. Security is a feeling and can only be discussed and clarified individually.

Responsibility | We are responsible on our own behalf and on behalf of our customers, and based on safety and security we take responsibility for everything with regard to helicopter operations and our other work.

Orderliness | Our respect for safety and security is the basis for how we act, communicate, consult and make decisions in a responsible manner. An agreement is an agreement – we call this orderliness.

The human factor | The highly advanced helicopters and other equipment that we work with every day are operated by humans and for humans. Helicopters and equipment cannot do anything without humans; our understanding of the importance to express and show the human factor in the form of respect, safety, security, responsibility and orderliness is therefore crucial – every single time we say: Welcome to UNI-FLY!

We are and live the human factor!

​We do our outmost to assist
you and fulfill any given need.

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