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Securing offshore helipads?

Get easy access to HLO service from UNI-FLY

If you need HLO service on a ship or an offshore installation – to receive people on the platform and ensure everything from a “clear area” and accompany passengers to and from the helicopter to making sure that the required fire and emergency equipment are on site?

With a Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) who is responsible for the helicopter operation on the platform or ship, correct practices and safety are taken care of.

UNI-FLY’s HLOs have completed comprehensive and thorough training, have a technical background and carry out all practical tasks on, for example, a drilling platform regarding landing, passenger safety, ground handling and departure.

With HLO service from UNI-FLY, you have access to:

  • an “add on” service in connection with offshore hoist or crew change operations
  • securing of your offshore helipads
  • well-educated HLOs with a comprehensive technical background