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Offshore Helicopter Hoist Operations (HHO)

Arrive safely and efficiently at your goal

Do you need a strong, competent and experienced partner to carry out offshore hoist operations? For example, for hoisting passengers, goods, equipment, spare parts or tools down to or up from a ship, an offshore drilling platform, a wind turbine or other types of offshore installations – fixed and/or floating. Or, maybe a technician with tools and spare parts needs to be hoisted down to a wind turbine and picked up again when the task is finished – and then transported further on to other wind turbines in the wind farm.

You have access to these services and competences in cooperation with UNI-FLY.

We have more than 20 years of solid experience with 50,000 completed hoist operations – to a large extent within the offshore renewable energy industry, including Hornsea 01 and 02 offshore wind farms, some of the largest wind farms in the world.

When it comes to offshore helicopter hoist operations, we carry out a variety of tasks, including tasks for energy utility companies and wind turbine manufacturers.

Some of the world’s most qualified HHO teams

Hoisting is a demanding type of operation. The personnel who carry out this type of task are, in addition to prioritising their focus on safety, highly professional and dedicated. They have several demanding educational backgrounds that are maintained and updated on an ongoing basis. This applies to both pilots and hoist operators, who are the members you find in an HHO team.

Your task, therefore, is carried out by some of the world’s best qualified people.

During hoist operations, the team in the helicopter consists of two pilots and one hoist operator.

Ultramodern helicopters

UNI-FLY’s offshore hoist operations are carried out using ultramodern Leonardo AW169 helicopters. The helicopters’ Enhanced Performance Configuration results, among other things, in their being able to handle heavier goods than conventional hoist helicopters whilst maintaining rigorous safety criteria.

Throughout Europe – including the United Kingdom

UNI-FLY is certified to carry out hoist operations throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom.

UNI-FLY gives you access to a business partner that…

  1. has carried out more than 50,000 hoist operations, most of which were offshore.
  2. has more than 20 years of experience with hoist operations.
  3. was the first company in the world that was approved for carrying out hoist operations with passengers (in 2002).
  4. is certified for carrying out hoist operations in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.
  5. is among the top 5 worldwide when it comes to the number flying hours with AW169s.